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What is ASB?

ASB (Associated Student Body) is a way for students to get involved with their school and practice leadership skills.

We plan multiple events such as school dances and assemblies, Food Bowl, the Walkathon, Veterans Social, etc. We also hold a student council and decide where the money goes.

where our money goes

We have an ASB fund to spend on school events. We use this to pay for the materials needed to execute all our plans. We also use it for other fun things, such as our current mascot, the Sunshine Cart, decorations, and more!

Current Officers

  • President – Kendrick Parson (8th)
  • Vice President – Jacelyn Ralkey (7th)
  • Secretary – Emmalin Gonzales (7th)
  • Treasurer – Haleigh Orcutt (7th)
  • Historian – Dixie Hogue (8th)

McCleary School District ASB Officers

McCleary Food Bowl 2023 participants

Food Bowl 2023 – We raised over 6,000 lbs of food for our local community food bank.

Our Committees

  • Staff and Student Recognition – The Staff and Student Recognition Committee recognizes hard-working people at our school. This includes recognition for sports teams and staff events such as our sunshine cart and appreciation celebrations.
  • MS Assembly Committee – The MS Assembly Committee plans our middle school assemblies. They also put those plans into action as they also take care of setup and do the speaking!
  • Whole School Events – The Whole School Events Committee helps with the middle school dances, plans spirit weeks, makes morning announcements, and leads our school events such as fund fundraisers.
  • Gordon’s Receipts – The Gordon’s Receipts committee collects Gordon’s receipts, looks through them, and adds them all up as a fundraiser.